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I'm Cupcake I'm made up of chocolate, candy, glitter, giggles, positive vibes, rainbows, star dust, and magic. my hair changes colors often. I am a lover of sweets, nature, Halloween and all things whimsical, magical, spooky and creepy. I'm a dorky little ball of fun and I really enjoy glitter and cute things.


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Today’s finds from visiting Saver’s and Hobby Lobby!

Hobby Lobby currently has 40% off their Christmas stuff, so I took advantage of that and purchased a shiny pink Christmas tree as well as an adorable cotton candy ornament and a massive delicious looking lollipop!

At Saver’s I really hit the jackpot~! I found a Barbie unicorn, a super pink kitten picture, a candy looking pastel purse, skeleton tights, pink cheer socks, super cute pins (one of them reads “I make a difference”, lmao! I had to have it), a flower crown-like headband, a Halloween candle holder, a carousel horse trinket, and a Little Mermaid plastic perfume bottle trinket. :)

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